Mpape and Abuja Popular Artist Yung Fresh has recently join Bullion Squad

Mpape and Abuja Popular Artist Yung Fresh has recently join ‘Bullion Squad’ Record Label

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On the 20th of July, 2020 Bullion Squad had signed Yung Fresh, Abuja, and Mpape Popular Artist, the record label star musician and C.E.O Stoner made this know to the public through his personal Facebook handle.

He captioned it as follows:

“My PA, Myself and my new artist Yung Fresh

Welcome to Bullion Squad family

We gon disturb the world.”

(PA on the right, Yung Fresh in middle and Stoner on the Left)

Bullion Squad is a fast-rising record label in Mpape and Abuja as a whole; it has stamped its authority by successfully featuring a Nigerian Hip-Hop Star Erigga and also shot a music video during April 2020.

Artists have won many awards under the umbrella of Bullion Squad such as Best Abuja Artist, Best Mpape Artist, etc.

The label has made a move to sign Yung Fresh a popular musician in Abuja after he left his former record label Icebase Entertainment.


Rapper Young Fresh

Yung Fresh has performed in big-shot shows featuring international Nigerian Musicians like Burna Boy, P-Square, etc, and International Comedians like AY, Julius Agwu, Akpkororo, etc and won many awards.

Without a doubt, Icebase was really a good place for Yung Fresh, but they stopped being a record label and went solely into music promotion and video shooting.

Because of this Yung Fresh decided to check for any available place in a record label and got signed into one of the best.

Fans have reacted to the posts throwing their good wishes on the movement and stating that they expect more from the Squad.

Funny Madu Madu a comedian of Bullion Squad had shown his reception for the movement of signing Yung Fresh by appreciating the love in the squad.


Bullion Squad C.E.O and Star Musician ‘Stoner’

Stoner and Erigga during work and pray video shoot

Stoner is a fast-rising Abuja Artist and with time, will rise to be known all over Nigerian and the world at large just like the fashion of Nigerian Super Star Musicians.

He has taken a step into the limelight when he made a move to drag a Lagos-base Nigerian Hip-Hop Star Erigga down to Abuja for collaboration.

He made a remix with one of his best singles “Work and Pray” and also shot a Music Video with this artist which has gained over 500,000 streams on Audiomack.

His latest single is Egungu, which is heating Mpape and gaining Abuja attention and was also performed by him in a show in Enugu.



Nevertheless, Mpape has always produced good musicians because Tekno a Nigerian international superstar artist was staying in Mpape. Yeah! You won’t find that in his online biographic. After becoming a top star, he remembered Mpape and featured his former community in his music video Duro, which he released in August 2015, and gain massive attention all over the world.

Have you seen that rocky background on some scenes in that video? That is the Crushed Rock of Mpape town.

Anyway, the world should wait for Stoner and Yung Fresh because just like Stoner said ‘We gon disturb the world”.

We really hoped that since Yung Fresh Join Bullion Squad, the Squad will have a greater chance of breaking through.

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