Relaxations Centers in Mpape Community

Relaxations Centers in Mpape Community
Palo Place


Top Relaxations Centers in Mpape Community | Read Time: 3 min 16 sec

Mpape is not just a major community in Abuja for nothing, it has interesting places where you can hang out with friends or love ones.

These places have made names for themselves in Mpape because of how they are beautifully built.

Residences spend their holidays on these relaxations centers to relief stress from works

If you want to have a good time with your special someone, friends, or families in Mpape?, then you should consider our top picks of relaxation centers in Mpape.

This is our list of top relaxations centers in Mpape Community.

9. Makosa Joint

You want to hang out with your friends’ right? Then consider this joint.

This Joint is located at the GRA Subpart of Mpape Community and serves as a relaxation center to residence who resides at that subpart.

It has anything you can think of getting in a bar, drinks, Beef Pepper Soup, Chicken Pepper soup, etc.

Address: Plot 83, Shishimpe road, GRA, Mpape – Abuja.

8. Happy Life Resort

One of the biggest resort in GRA subpart known by everyone, it is also a clubbing house and has a stage for live performance.

You get to enjoy your time in this resort while being entertained by live concerts, sometimes popular musicians in Abuja are being invited for live performance.

Its beautiful atmosphere is just the right place to be if you want to feel relaxed.

Address: Plot 122, Shishimpe road, GRA, Mpape – Abuja.

7. Suya Palace

Suya Palace is located at Oceanic road, beside Aula Plaza.

Just as the name implies you can buy the best kind of Suya (roasted slices of beef) from there in Mpape and relax at its bar to have a good time.

Residences troop in to buy suya either for their family or when they are going for an outing,

Address: Plot 219, Oceanic Road, Opp. Aula, Mpape – Abuja.

6. O2 Lounge

Located at Berger Quarry, O2 Lounge is among the most recognized relaxation centers in Mpape.

This is due to how beautiful it is built and also its varieties of stocks of drinks and spicy beef and fish soups.

Residences also take advantage of this spot and its services to relax and have a good time.

Address: Plot 56, Berger Gate, Berger Quarry Road, Mpape – Abuja.

5. Irokin Cocktail Bar

Irokin Cocktail Bar is located at the Arab subpart of Mpape, they sell only wines and exclusively offer this service.

And it has risen to be a very satiable place if you are looking for bar services.

Its beautiful atmosphere has caused its rating and reviews in Mpape is to be above the radar.

Address: No 261, Arab Road, Opp. Setraco, Mpape – Abuja.

4. TI Lounge

TI Lodge is also a popular relaxation center in Mpape because of its unique clubbing services and a hall for hosting of shows, etc.

If you want a good time relaxing and, or clubbing then consider TI Lounge.

It also has stocks of different drinks and spicy soups which are rate as the best in Mpape.

Address: Plot 1145, Berger Quarry Road, Mpape Abuja.

3. 4G Lounge

Relaxations Centers in Mpape Community
4G Lounge

This is the recent, beautiful, and trending relaxation center in Mpape community.

Located inside Mpape Modern market, it has a very beautiful premise that surely won’t deny you the enjoyment you seek for.

It has a bar that is stocked with varieties of drinks, so getting what you want is a sure thing.

Address: Block C24, Mpape Modern Market, Oceanic Road, Mpape – Abuja.

2. Shawarma Palace

Shawarma Palace is just on another level; it is reputable for its delicious snacks especially the Shawarma, Meat Pie, Fish Rolls, doughnuts, etc.

They also sell nutritious foods like Fried Rice, Spicy Meat and fish soups, Rice and Stew, Jollof Rice, and any Nigerian dishes.

So because of their vast stock of foods, beautiful and large premises, they are rated among the best in Mpape.

It very suitable for families with children, so if you are thinking of a place for your wife and children then consider visiting Shawarma Palace.

Address: No 285, Berger Quarry Road, Mpape Abuja.

1. Palo Place

Relaxations Centers in Mpape Community
Palo Place

Palo Place is the best place in Mpape where you can get a good time if you are thinking about relaxing.

Its place is almost non-negotiable because like Shawarma Palace they sell different foods like fried rice, Jollof rice, white soup, etc,

Also snacks like meat pie, ice cream, and also different types of drinks.

Its bread bakery is also produces the best bread in Mpape Community.

It has children gaming centers and also a three floors building, so one can say it is suitable for families with kids.

Address: Plot 17, Berger Quarry Road, Mpape – Abuja.


These are the top relaxations centers in Mpape Community, you can ask any residence for directions and you will be directed to any of them.

The top two are very suitable for children and also buying things from any are cheap compare to other places in Abuja.

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