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Recent Guide: How to put your goods on sale in Jumia

how to sell goods on Jumia


Jumia is Africa Leading E-Commerce website just like how Alibaba is leading China, so in this article I will be guiding you on how to sell goods on Jumia.

Jumia was founded by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec in 2013, and has widely grown.

Currently Jumia has branches to more than 11 African countries, e.g Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda, South Africa  and Zando

Therefore, selling your goods on Jumia is very easy; you don’t need to worry about how to transport these goods to customers who want to buy your goods outside your country or even within your country.

how to sell goods on Jumia

Because once you create a store in Jumia Seller Center, attend the Jumia Vendor program and successfully become Jumia Seller Vendor you are automatically qualified for Jumia Express in other words Jumia will deliver your goods to your customers.

I will be listing out detailed guides on how you can successfully become a Jumia Seller Vendor and put your goods on sales in Jumia.

If you want to sell goods online then read the following guides on how to sell goods on Jumia.

The first Guide is to Create a Store on Jumia Seller Center

  1. Create Store on Jumia seller center signup
  2. Fill in your information, make sure there is no mistake

The form is divided into four sub-sections namely Seller Account, Business Information, Bank Account and Summary. (Note that the * sign means you must fill that form column)

Now let us discuss in details what you need to do in each sub-section.

Seller Account Information

This is where you put information concerning you like your First Name (Real Name) first, then Last Name (Surname), Phone Number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Password, then read and accept Jumia E-Contract

It is compulsory you do so, in other for you to know about their terms and conditions.

If you notice you will see * sign on each of the form row I mentioned, those are the compulsory ones you must fill

Then click on continue.

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Business Information

how to sell goods on Jumia

After you click continue on Seller Account Information, you will be moved to the next sub-section which is Business Information.

This is a sub-section where you fill your business information like the TIN (Tax Information Number), Products Available, VAT Information, Legal Forms etc.

But if you don’t have them (since you don’t own a registered business), don’t worry because like I said just fill the ones with * sign at the end.

Which are Address 1, City/Town (of business), Country (of business), and Legal Name/Business Name.

Then click on continue.

Bank Account

how to sell goods on Jumia

This is where you put in your bank account number, but you will see many section where you will be asked to put swift code, IBAN etc.

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But don’t worry those ones are for people who are outside Nigeria.

Now the one you will fill is the ones with * sign which are Bank (e.g Zenith), Account name, Account number.

Therefore, if you know how to sell goods on Jumia, then the next thing is how to receive your payment 🙂


These include the summary of all the things you have filled. Therefore, you are required to preview and make changes if you made any mistake.

Just click on the respective sections to get details of what you have filled then edit them if you want to make changes.

Finally click on Start Selling.

You will be required to verify your email address from your mail box immediately.

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The next guide is Registering for Jumia Vendor Training Program

how to sell goods on Jumia

After following the guides to create a store in Jumia Seller Center, the next thing is to attend Jumia vendor training.

No registration fee or whatsoever attached.

But before attending the training program you should also make sure you have a particular type of goods you wish to sell.

You can browse through the best selling products by clicking on this link Jumia top seller picks.

Jumia Vendor Training covers wide range of E-Commerce Topics and Jumia operations in particular.

They have both online and offline training schedule

Choose a date and time that is most convenience for you to attend their sessions

Visit Jumia Vendor Training Calendar for more information.

After training, Jumia will collect your products for free photo-shoot. That is for snapping and editing.

Note that you will need at least 5 items to sell before you can become a Jumia seller, so this is how to sell goods on Jumia.


So these are basically all the things you need to know on how to sell goods on Jumia online or sell your goods online through Jumia Seller Center.

Jumia is surely profitable because many vendors have been giving out testimonies and also you can sell up to 1000 products a day through Jumia.

If you are thinking on venturing into this but don’t know how to get goods for cheap price then read how to import goods from china. This is by far the best because the entire worlds are buying from China at a cheap price.

You can check the Jumia top seller picks get a product you think you can start with; order a mini quantity and start selling.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions regarding this article feel free to comment below, I will surely attend to any of your questions.

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