Profitable Businesses in Mpape Community

Profitable Business in Mpape Community


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If you are staying in Mpape and still thinking of what to do in other to make money then you should consider venturing into the businesses listed below.

You can start any of these businesses with little Capital, and make huge profits that will surprise you.

But if you have enough capital and want to venture into a more advanced business, you can consider renting a space for car wash, tailoring, beauty salon, selling electronics, barbing salon, Boutique, etc.

The above-suggested businesses are also doing great in Mpape, that’s if you have huge capital.

As one of the biggest communities in Abuja, one can easily start a business and get customers patronizing you.

Without doubts, you can start any business in Mpape and make huge profits.

Here are our top lists of profitable businesses one can start in the Mpape Community with little capital.

10. Phones and Laptop Repairs

Though this business requires skill, it is a very lucrative business in Mpape community.

Almost everybody has a phone and a Laptop so it’s natural for it to get spoiled for repairs.

What you need is to tag along with any phones or laptops engineer and learn this skill.

Get the necessary tools required for repairs which are very cheap, get a space and start your business.

9. (Okrika) Clothes Selling

This line of business without a doubt is very profitable because every Friday, residences of Mpape always attend the Mpape Modern Market to buy clothes.

Therefore getting customers or a place to sell your clothes isn’t the problem.

Starting this business does not require you to spend a lot of capital; you can start with a token amount of Ten to Fifty Thousand Naira.

As we all know retail prices for Okrika clothes are cheap therefore purchasing it for resale would be cheaper.

8. Selling Akara and Pap

Akara and Pap is a fast food combination that is also nutritious to the body.

Workers who leave early for work can branch to your shop for breakfast.

Starting this business requires nothing less than eight thousand nairas.

All that you need is a Gas cylinder, Groundnut oil, Raw Pap, Raw beans, sugar, milk, etc.

Make your shop clean and conducive for customers; without a doubt, you will make a huge profit with little capital.

7. Selling Eggs

This is another lucrative line of business that brings huge profits to the owners in the Mpape Community.

There are many poultry farms in Mpape; you just have to get crates of eggs from them for a low price.

Where to sell is the problem, you can get a shop at oceanic to area 1 road and sell your eggs to residences coming back from work.

You just have to get a good offer for your eggs, for example, people selling these eggs sell them for 7 pieces two hundred nairas.

This is a good offer and you will surely get customers.

6. SIM Card Sale and Registration

Another business is to register as a network provider agent so that you can sell and register SIM Card to people.

Registering isn’t the big deal; in fact, you can register for free at MTN Office at Ibiye Plaza.

After registering, you will be offered a sim card registering device so that you can sell and register sim cards.

It is a very profitable business in Mpape Community; you can go for this line of Business.

5. Selling Snacks

This line of business is selling snacks like meat pies, egg rolls, fish rolls, etc.

You might think that this also requires catering skills, but you can buy from people that prepare them for selling.

You just have to place a special order and get delivery every morning for a cheap price for resale.

4. Selling fruits

Selling fruits also generate huge profits because starting this business doesn’t require huge profits

You can get fresh fruits from the fruits market in Mararaba, Nassarawa State for selling; the cost of transport is also cheap because it is a neighboring state.

Because it is delicate goods you need to get a good location and start with small quantity, then in time increase.

3. Selling Fruit Salad

Selling fruit salad is also very profitable, this fruit salad is a combination of Watermelon, Banana, Cucumber, Carrot, groundnuts, and milk which are cut into pieces.

This fruit salad is put in a take-away plate and sold for two hundred naira,

So starting this business though requires you to hawk to customers, you can put it in a wheelbarrow and transport it to customers.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn without doubt has proven to be a very profitable business in Nigeria; it is also the same as Mpape Residences.

You can start this business with a small amount of money; you just have to get the necessary equipment.

When preparing your popcorn, also add some milk inside because this has been the recent way of preparing it.

Get a good location where it is busy activities for huge sales and profits.

1. POS

POS Service without a doubt is also profitable you don’t need any capital, you can get a POS machine from the bank for free.

If you register as an OPay Agent; you are likely to receive a free POS and an Opay branded shop.

The only thing you need is money that customers will withdraw and send so ₦20,000 to ₦40,000 will suffix.

Services you will render to people are but not limited to Bills Payment (e.g Electricity, water, etc) Send and Receive Money, Buy WAEC, NECO Token, etc.

Also POS is a very profitable business in Mpape Community.

You might say one must rent a shop before you can do this line of business but it is wrong.

If you can afford a shop then no problem, but if you can’t then get a table, umbrella to cover you from the sun, and a chair, then you are good to go.


The suggestions listed above are very profitable businesses in Mpape Community.

You can choose any of them and start making a huge profit with little capital.

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