Netforum TV Restructured!!! We have two Networks generating money for payout and all revenues will be accumulated and paid out to members. We are welcoming you with N3000 as Signup Bonus, Register and start earning with low withdrawal threshold.

Notice to all Members who place withdrawal…

This is an important notice from Netforum TV.

This is to inform you that your withdrawal request has been received and is currently on process.

Payments will be distributed between 1st to 5th of August 2022.

Please note that you won’t be paid if;

  1. You use your referral link to create account for yourself in other to get a referral earnings.
  2. You commented more than one time on a post, we have this instruction everyday on the sponsored post.
  3. Your Bank details are not correct…
  4. Or The revenue distributed got exhausted and did not get to you but be rest assured, by 30th of August we will start from where we stop.

So if you have applied for withdrawal, and you did not fall between 1 and 2, you will receive your payment before 5th of August.

Keep earning and referring to increase your change of getting paid.

If you are guilty of 1 & 2 Please stop commenting more than once, and don’t refer yourself (Invalid referral), you will be paid next month

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