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NOLLYWOOD stars join the country to support the #endsars Protest.

This year 2020 has definitely been a formidable year. From the global covid-19 epidemic to the recent protest in Nigeria, a protest which has not been the first to occur this year that drew global attention. The Nollywood industry has also seen its members coming out to speak and contribute about the ongoing situation in the country.

Yul Edochie

While prominent actor Yul Edochie has on Tuesday in a tweet from his twitter handle shared his plans to run and contest in the country upcoming elections. This announcement came after a user on twitter directed a tweet at him, commending his past effort in speaking up about the ills and corruption plaguing the country. And also encouraging him to take up more leadership position to bring the country to positive development.

Nollywood actress Geneviève Nnaji was seen recently speaking about the present protest on police brutality, she condemned the governor of rivers state MR Wike on his negative stance in the ongoing protest. She admonished him for trying to deny its citizen from exercising their fundamental right. She took to her twitter social handle to share this news.

He stressed that the Nigerian youth need to realize their power and support him the way they have done in the past to support the BBnaija housemates. He assured them if this support is committed to him he will claim the position of best Nigerian president ever. Uniting the country and putting credible men and women in office without tribal or religious barriers.

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