Nigerians React as Group threaten to attack Abuja protesters after 48 Hours.

group threaten to attack abuja protesters

Group threaten to attack Abuja protesters

In a tweet shared by Nigeria Entertainer Dr SID, a group of youth who claim to be Indigenous people of Abuja which was led by one Mr. Yusuf Yanusa threatened to engage protesters if they don’t stop what he termed as Roadblock within 48hrs.

Dr SID, asked if anybody know the man, he would like to have a conversion with him, to make him understand.

The tweet was shared yesterday and the 48hrs will expire today being 20th October, 2020.

He’s reasons  being that since the protest by the indigenous people of Abuja, none of the hypocrites have the solidity of indigenous citizens or addressed their plight.

And also worried that the protesters have taken over the indigenous community of Abuja.

Here, he threatened the IG of police to end the roadblock caused by the protester’s within 48hrs else if any protester is seen after the deliberated hours will be engaged.

He categorically made it clear that within 48hours of the address and their request is not encouraged, all the indigenous citizens of Abuja will go after the road blockers.

Mr. Yusuf Yanusa believes that whatever that is going on in the city of Abuja has an air of political undertone and as such, nobody should mess up their Nigeria for them.

He also believes that protesters have wronged them severely. Therefore, onwards they will no longer condone any injustice done to them by the protesters.

The young Nigerian stated that his actions were as a result of his limit being piqued. In he’s statement he said;

“We can no longer go to work, our mothers can no longer sell their corns, or individuals go back to their day to day activities.” 

View Tweet below:

Mr Yusuf constructively threatens to deal with any seen protester in the city of Abuja and warns that the IG of police should clear up the street before deliberated time else residents will go after protesters.

The group led by the young Nigerian claimed to be indegens who knows their rights and wants a better Nigeria.


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  • This is the time we (Nigerians) should all come out as one, Abuja indigenes are not bigger than Nigeria. He is not above any protesters because he is in his state or home town or anything, after all we are in our country.