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Mpape Community Subparts and Areas

Mpape Community Subparts and Areas

Mpape Community Subparts and Areas |Read time: 5 min 3 sec


Mpape is one of the fast-growing communities in Abuja – Nigeria, which can boast of a population of about 400,000 (Four Hundred) inhabitants.

Located at 9°8’45” N, 7°29’44” E and has grown from a village to one of the most popular towns in Abuja in just a short span of 25 years.

The town is subdivided into different areas/parts so that people/visitors can find their ways around this community.

It is located at the hillside of Abuja, just outside the expressway that rounds the Federal Capital Territories of Nigeria.

The roads of Mpape communities are always busy during the morning because workers are resuming work, and in the evening time because they are returning from work.

So you can say Mpape is like a haven for people who relocated to Abuja for greener pastures.

If you are new in Abuja or planning for relocation, the best place to get a residence is in Mpape because of it closer to major towns in Abuja more than other growing communities.

And also, because it’s cheap houses both for rents and also for purchasing.

Mpape has ventures like plazas, banks, a major market, schools, churches, Mosques, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, etc.

Mpape Community Subparts and Areas

If you are interested in living in Mpape Community then it is better to know some of its subparts/areas.

These subparts/areas help you to know your ways or the area you are moving into or visiting.

Mpape have about ten subparts/areas which includes

  1. Berger Quarry
  2. Eneje Layout
  3. R.A
  4. Mashafa
  5. Back of Crush Rock
  6. Baby Village
  7. Gbagyi Village
  8. Arab
  9. Ajegunle
  10. Katampe 1 and 2

So with the above listed Mpape Community Subparts and areas am going to write a review about them, so that you can make a selection to the area you want to relocate to.

Berger Quarry Subpart

This is one of the most beautiful Mpape Community Subparts and areas because just like the name implies the buildings on this subpart are built around Julius Berger Quarry.

This part of Mpape has a major good road because Julius Berger Built it for transporting things in and out of the quarry.

So this is the subpart where you see beautiful Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants, churches, mosques, schools, etc.

In fact one can say, this is where Mpape Habitants spend their weekend nights if you are the type that likes clubbing.

Houses in this part of Mpape are more expensive than the rest but compare to other Abuja communities it is way cheaper.

Eneje Layout Subpart

Eneje Layout is another subpart that is beautiful which is second only to Berger Quarry; it is a new subpart of the Mpape Community which came into existence in the year 2011 to be precise.

It houses for rent are the second most expensive in Mpape, it has churches, schools, etc.

Eneje doesn’t have too many Hotels, you can say it is mainly for residential purpose.

G.R.A Subpart

This is one of the oldest areas in Mpape, it is also among the biggest because G.R.A is divided into 3 parts which are GRA Phase 1, GRA Phase 2, and GRA Phase 3.

GRA Phase 1 ranges from the Madonna Signboard landmark to St. Aloysius Catholic church.

GRA Phase 2 starts from St. Aloysius down to the Shishipe Stream.

GRA Phase 3 starts from Shishipe Stream to Green Place Bar landmark.

GRA is the most populated subpart in Mpape maybe because the houses are very cheap compare to other Mpape Community Subparts and Areas.

It has the most schools and most churches, with some lodge and resorts which are the Manglo Hotel, Happy Life Hotel, etc.

This particular subpart also has popular bars but will not be compared to the Berger Quarry Subpart of Mpape.

And it is not close to Mpape garage where you get cars to town, you have to pay bikes to take you there.

Mashafa Subpart

This Mpape Subpart is also among the most populated Mpape subparts because the houses there are also cheap.

It is a new and fast-growing subpart in the Mpape community whereby almost everybody are building houses and buying lands.

Mashafa is also good for commercial business since there are retail shops in almost all parts of mpape.

infrastructures likes Hotels, churches, mosques, schools, etc are also been built.

Also, jut just like G.R.A, it is farther away from Mpape garage where you get a car to major towns, so if you are working in a town this is one of the facts you should consider.

Back of Crush Rock Subpart

This Subpart is named after the Crush Rock Construction Company. Though the company is no longer active but is among the oldest companies in Mpape, it has created a landmark.

So the buildings there are built around the company and it is where the Mpape Major market is located.

This area is also the closest to Mpape garage, to be precise the garage is located in the area.

Houses in this area are also cheap, there is schools, churches, and mosques also.

Baby Village Subpart

Baby Village is still a developing area in Mpape since more people are relocating from other Abuja community to Mpape.

The vacant place to buy land and probably build houses is in Baby Village, the houses there are cheap for renting.

Since it is located at the back of crushed rock then, we can say that is closer to the garage,

Gbagyi Village Subpart

As the name implies, the Gbayi tribe were staying there before, but now it is dominated by the Hausas.

This is the Mpape Community Subpart that the Hausas inhabit; we are talking like about 90%, if you ask me to rate it.

There are schools there but no hotels, no much church, but there are many mosques there.

This area is like the biggest in Mpape City, it is rare to get a house for rent because most of the houses there are family houses.

Arab Subpart

This is also an amazing subpart of Mpape, and like Back of Crush Rock and Berger Quarry, it is named after the Arab Construction Company.

It has a good road and also cheap houses; one can say this area is mostly occupied by the Yoruba tribe.

It has beautiful hotels, churches, mosques, and also schools which you can find almost everywhere in this subpart.

It is closer to the Mashafa Subpart and also far away from Mpape garage.

Ajegunle Subpart

This subpart can be classified as one of the oldest areas in Mpape, it also has some churches, schools and also mosques.

There are no hotels or many commercial activities in this subpart of the Mpape Community, it is mostly residential.

But there are remote bars and restaurants for relaxation but if you want the best of bars, restaurants, or relaxation centers then head to Berger Quarry Area of Mpape.


The reason I used “Closer to Mpape Garage” and “Cheap houses for rent”, is to let you make a good decision on where to relocate to if you intend to do so.

And also make your choice considering the area that best fits in your interest.

In all the Mpape Community Subparts and Areas there are schools, churches, and mosques.

So if you don’t want your child to attend schools in a far distance then that is taken care of.

If it is about religion; then, most of the big churches in Nigeria have different branches in Mpape, also all subparts include mosques.

Mpape community is a lively place where you can’t be bored because of its busy activities from day to night both in commercial and other aspects.

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