Mosques and Churches in Mpape Community

Mosques and Churches in Mpape Community


Mosques and Churches in Mpape Community | Read Time: 5 min 18 sec

Nigeria is a country with many languages, tribes, cultures, and different religions even though the country’s main religions are Christian and Muslim.

Many people will plan to move to the Federal Capital or maybe relocate within the Federal Capital and since the Mpape community has serves as a haven to many people who came to the Federal Capital to look for greener pastures.

It has become an inhabitant of many tribes, cultures, languages, and with different religions.

No doubt it is one of the fastest-growing city in Abuja and it is still developing, so you might one to get a quick Address to your place of worship if you are new in the city or just relocated to another of its subpart.

This content is solely for that purpose and will cover most of the reputed religious centers in Mpape.

Since Mpape development rate is at the top chart many Christian churches and mosques are been built.

Though they are many churches and mosques in Mpape, I am going to pick the most popular churches that have branches and the main mosques Muslim worship every Friday.

Address of Main Mosque in Mpape Community

Like I wrote in the intro part, there are mosques in every corner of Mpape subparts you can find them in the Berger Quarry subpart, Area 1 subpart, GRA subpart, Mashafa subpart, Arab subpart, etc.

So as it is the customs of the Muslim to gather together in the main mosque every Friday for prayers, Mpape has 3 main mosques that the Muslim use for such purpose.

First is the Area 1 Mosque

So the first main mosque in Mpape is the Area 1 Mosque, this mosque is a general mosque for Muslims even before Mpape starts to develop.

Though it sounds somehow funny to call it after a subpart in Mpape, but it’s for the best you can ask anyone for directions using this name and you will get directed immediately.

These mosques are usually crowded, which forces worshipers to use the main road for worship.

Address: Plot 16, Area 1 road, Area 1, Mpape Abuja.

Second is the Berger Quarry Mosque

Just as the name implies it is located at the Berger Quarry subpart of Mpape Community and the Muslims on that subparts and its surrounds worship there.

During Friday general prayers Muslims who stay around that environs worship there also.

Address: Plot 1834, Berger Quarry Road, Mpape – Abuja.

The third is the Mpape Junction Mosque

This is the newest and the most beautiful mosque in Mpape which Muslims use for prayers and also general worship every Friday.

People who reside in the outer part of Mpape worship in the mosque and even from Maitama a neighboring town.

Address: Plot 5, Impresit Road, Mpape Junction, Mpape Abuja.

Address of some churches in Mpape Community

I will be listing out some major churches that have branches in Mpape so that if you happen to be a member then you can quickly locate them.

As said earlier, this is not all the churches in Mpape, but this are churches that have more members than the minor churches.

The list includes; Church of Christ, Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Apostolic Church, The Redeem Church, The Lord’s Chosen, Christ Embassy, Dunamis, The Church of Jesus Christ, Jehovah’s Witness, etc.

Church of Christ

This particular Church has three branches in Mpape and even all over Abuja, and Nigeria at large.

It is one of the best bible churches in Nigeria that feeds its members on spiritual growth.

service is from 09 am to 12 pm, it has three branches in Mpape Subparts which are in GRA, Berger Quarry and Katampe 1


GRA Branch: Plot 120, Shishimpe Road, Mpape, Abuja.

Berger Quarry Branch: Plot 1569, Berger Quarry Road, Mpape, Abuja.

Katampe  Branch: Plot 122, Katampe road, Mpape Abuja.

Anglican Church

This Church is of the most popular churches in the world therefore establishing a branch or two in Mpape should not be less surprising.

Anglican Branches in Mpape can be counted up to four branches one in G.R.A, Berger Quarry, Katampe 1, and Katampe 2, depending on where you would like to worship.

The branch in G.R.A is the biggest and most beautiful; it has a primary and secondary school that admits both members and non members.

They hold two services in GRA, first service 6 am – 9 am while the second service is 9 am – 12 pm.

GRA Branch is the first in Mpape, so majorities of Anglican members in Mpape worships at GRA.

The other branches only worship with one service every Sunday.


GRA Branch: Plot 59, Ajegunle Road, Beside Gwari Market, Mpape Abuja.

Berger Quarry Branch: Plot 381, Berger Quarry Road, Behind Labamba, Mpape Abuja

Katampe 1 Branch: Plot 4, School Road, Katampe I, Mpape Abuja.

Katampe 2 Branch: Plot 107, Beside Transformer, Katampe II, Abuja.

Catholic Church

This particular church is the highest in popularity in the world and anywhere you go, you must meet a Catholic Member.

Therefore, it is normal to see a branch of Catholic Church in a particular place or the other all over the world.

They have two beautiful branches in Mpape where one can attend a mass both in GRA and in Area 1


GRA Branch: Plot 127, Shishimpe Road, Mpape Abuja.

Area 1 Branch: Plot 319, Area 1 road, Mpape Abuja.

Apostolic Church

Apostolic Church One of the most popular churches in Nigeria

Though they have only one branch in Mpape services in this particular congregation don’t decline in numbers.

Members come from every part of Mpape to worship in this branch, but the service is from 9 am to 1 pm.

Address: Plot 55, Agegunle Road, Mpape Abuja.

The Redeem Church

The Redeemed Church is also one of the most popular churches in Nigeria, she has her branches in almost all corners of Mpape Communities.

So locating the nearest worship center if you are a Redeemer won’t be a problem, but I will list out some of their branches.


Suite 38, Chosen Plaza, Oceanic Road, Mpape Abuja.

Plot 244, the lace Junction, Ajegunle Road, Mpape Abuja.

Plot 2119, New Standard, Berger Quarry, Mpape Abuja.

The Lord’s Chosen

The Lord’s Chosen also a well-known church all over Nigeria, it is among the most beautiful church in the Mpape Community.

They hold two services; the first service 6 am – 9 am while the second service is 9 am – 12 pm.

Address: Plot 86, Mpape Junction, Mpape Abuja.

Christ Embassy

This particular church is well known all over the world and has also sown a branch in the Mpape community.

This particular congregation though a single branch in Mpape, has more worshipers; it can be categorized as of the biggest in Mpape.

Address: Plot 123, Mopol Barrack Road, Mpape Abuja.


Dunamis is without doubt one of the most popular churches in Mpape and also holds the title of one of the biggest.

Members flock every Sunday in this particular branch which makes them hold three times service.

The three services are as follows; first service 6 am – 9 am, the second service is 9 am – 12 pm, while the third service is 12 pm – 3 pm

Address: No 572, Baby Village Road, Mpape Abuja.

The Church of Jesus Christ

Though it sounds like a church I just listed above (Church of Christ) they are two different things, this congregation also is very popular in Nigeria, with a unique signboard written in black and white.

So far, they have two branches in Mpape Community which are located in Eneje and Oceanic Road.


Eneje Branch: Plot 34, Eneje Layout, Mpape Abuja.

Oceanic Branch: Oceanic Road, Plot 169, Oceanic Road, Mpape Abuja.

Jehovah Witness

Almost everybody in the world knows of this evangelical Christians they don’t hesitate to tell you about the message of God.

So because of this, they must have a branch in a community and also popular having members all over the world.

The church is also among the most beautiful and biggest in Mpape located on Arab road.

Address: Plot 297, Arab Road, Mpape Abuja.

Deeper Life Bible Church

This is also a popular Bible Church know all over Nigeria and the world also, it has its branches in GRA and Madonna Signboard.

Services also are held from 9 am – 12 pm every Sunday

Address: Plot 193, Shishimpe Road, GRA, Mpape Abuja.


There are more churches and mosque in Mpape, it is for sure that any subpart you set your foot in, you can get a place of worship either you are a Muslim or Christian.

For the Christians, if you have trouble finding your church of worship in Mpape community, comment the name of the church lets provides you with an address.

Thanks for reading our article on Mosques and Churches in Mpape Community.

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