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Method Scammers Use To Defraud Nigerians And Prevention Steps

Scamming methods have become so predominant of recent. The activities of scammers are on the rise wherever you go and because of this alarming trend, all individuals need to stay on alert and be quite watchful not to give sensitive information to unknown people.

These days, scammers are mainly going around duping bank customers by adopting different methods which their unsuspecting target falls for. And they try to get what they want by any means necessary.

They operate by sending fake sms to bank customers’ cell phones and claiming to be bank officials working on their accounts. After that, they tell the customer about a particular challenge happening on the individual’s account.

In this case, they tend to ask for the customer’s ATM or BVN number. And they do so, in a way that looks real and this will make you trust them or believe them since they know about all these.

Some will eventually tell you half of your account details and proceed to ask you to read out the rest for them. This is a trick that the majority of people fall for and after the deed is done, your money in a few minutes will be wiped out.

It is usually believed that some of these fraudsters operate within the banks and can be looking out for people that will be liable to fall to their antics,  schemes or thereabout.

Some fraudsters who have the intent to scam quickly, go ahead to call their potential targets claiming to be a bank official working to secure their account or maintain it. After getting what they want, they quickly proceed to empty the bank account and this makes the victim be in frustration.

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The CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) has warned members of the public to be aware of scammers, that these scammers are also taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic by sending SMS claiming that the Federal Government is giving out palliatives and this information are presumed to be false most times.

And through this method, the targets give out sensitive and important information which shouldn’t be shared with a third party.

The cause of all these cyber crimes is highly associated with the fact that there is a high unemployment rate in the country and the quest for fast or quick money.

The mindset towards wealth nowadays encourages the “quick money” mindset which so many now pursue through scamming activities.

To this notice, the general public has to be aware and vigilant of the process and methods of these scams so as not to fall into the hands of scammers. Security codes, pins, and passwords need to be set both in your phones and laptops to avoid any unforeseeable event that could be disadvantageous to you. Another important aspect of prevention is to keep your bank details private and this is because anything can happen when your details goes public or move from one individual to another.  Try also not to save your details especially your BVN number on your phone it will be of help to you or make it in a way people won’t know about it.