Marketplaces in Mpape Community

Market Places in Mpape Community
Mpape Modern Market


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Mpape is a major town in Abuja with a population of about 400,000 residences.

It is a town with many languages, cultures, religions, and a lot of commercial activities.

So in this article, we will be talking about its markets where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods or services for money.

The town has three marketplaces which operate on different days of the week and are well known within the community.

These include the Mpape Modern Market, Mpape Main Market, and the Gwari Market.

Therefore we will be looking at the above-listed marketplaces in Mpape community.

Mpape Modern Market

Market Places in Mpape Community
Mpape Modern Market

Formerly known as New Market, the Mpape Modern Market was built recently in Mpape back in 2018.

It was built immediately after the destruction of the shady New Market the residences were fond of.

The Modern Market is built after the modern way of building a market and contains approximately 1000 suites.

The  market has 9 blocks from block A to Block I, with approximately 120 suites in each block, each block are 2 floors.

This particular market has drawn business owners from different places in Mpape and neighboring towns to rent shops and open their various businesses.

It still has close to 700 vacant suites for rent, you can check-in, if you want to rent one.

The shops have good security doors that are almost impossible to burgle, and all suites are built in the same fashion.

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Market Places in Mpape Community
Mpape Modern Market

Just like the former New Market, It is mostly crowded by residences from Mpape and neighboring towns every Friday of the week.

Though it operates every day of the week, since the former New Market was held every Friday, the Modern Market is crowded every Friday after the same fashion.

The shops in Mpape Modern are, but not limited to a book shop, a bakery, a boutique, p, a Restaurant.

It also has a popular lounge in Mpape and that is the 4G Lounge.

One can get things like clothes, shoes, etc for cheap prices especially during Fridays.

It is located at the Oceanic Road, Besides Integrated filling station.

Address: Plot 129, Oceanic Road, Besides Integrated Filling Station, Mpape – Abuja.

The market opens at 7:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm.

It has a tight security system with two ways to go In and Out of the market located at each end of the market.

It also has a parking space located at every block.

Mpape Main Market

Mpape Main Market has the most commercial activity in Mpape and also the oldest which got the name ‘Main Market’.

It is the first market in Mpape with approximately 700 shops, which are all occupied by business owners.

This is where residences buy almost anything they need, and it is held every day from Mondays to Sundays.

You can get things like beverages, clothes, shoes, etc especially foodstuffs e.g fish, meat, garri, rice, beans, palm oil, etc.

And to top it all things are sold at a very cheap price and because of this, it attracts people from neighboring towns.

The market is always crowded on daily basics by residences and visitors trying to get one thing or the other.

Main Market doesn’t have any parking space for customers, so you might consider parking in a nearby garage if you are visiting.

The market opens at 7:00 am and closes 7:00 pm, some commercial activities are still carried out within its premises till 10:00 pm.

Residences who came back late from work after the main market is close buy things from it premises.

It is located at the Area 1 subpart of Mpape, beside the main mosque in Area 1.

Address: Main Market, Area 1, Mpape – Abuja.

Gwari Market

Gwari Market is held every Friday and is located at the GRA subpart of Mpape, it is also one of the oldest markets in Mpape.

The Market is not very big compare to others and has approximately 100 shops, and it has no parking space.

But it is mostly crowded during Fridays because the Gwari tribe comes there to sell goods, like yams, cassavas, beans, etc at a cheaper price.

it sells goods at a cheaper price compare to other markets in Mpape because it directly from the farm.

One can say Gwari Market sells 90% foodstuffs which were harvested from farms.

So things you can buy in this Market is mostly foodstuffs like Yam, Cassava, Potatoes, rice, beans, groundnuts, wheat, etc.

It is located beside Anglican Church, GRA, Mpape – Abuja.

It is open only on Fridays from 7:00 am till 7:00 pm.


These are all the marketplaces in Mpape Community where you can buy things like foodstuffs, beverages, clothes, shoes, etc.

The Mpape Modern Market is open every day but it is overcrowded on Fridays.

Because the New Market which was destroy in its place was held every Friday.

And the old market is open every day also and is always crowded by residences and visitors.

And lastly, the Gwari Market is only open and held every Friday because the Gwari tribe sells farm products.

Thanks for reading this article on Marketplaces in Mpape Community.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section.

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