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12 Tested Tip on How I made money using WhatsApp Group

make money using WhatsApp Group


In this article I will be giving you 12 Tip/tips on how I made close to ₦90,000 (Ninety Thousand Naira) in 1 and half month using WhatsApp group, so these are sure tested tips on how to make money using WhatsApp Group.

Though it sound unbelievable but it depends on your work and concentration. It is never a quick rich scheme.

I used close to 2 months to build my WhatsApp group that fetched me that amount. It just depends solely on you.

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But normally you just have to know your target audience, that way even if you are starting from scratch you will be making lots of money using your WhatsApp group.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, Whatsapp group can’t make you get rich overnight but will make you to earn side income.

If you are selling product these tips will still help you boost your sales more than before.

I will be using Whatsapp group as article illustration. Note that it can be applied both on Facebook Pages/Groups, Telegram Channels/Groups etc.

You might be wondering how, it’s no secret, it’s by referring people to affiliate website (Online Business) that pays activities earning and referral bonus. e.g Vallyworld, IBT Forum etc.

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I came up with these tips after successfully interviewing people who are masters in the game of online business (Referring) and got different strategies and ways of monetizing WhatsApp group.

Before we get started, I want you to take 10 seconds from your time, take a deep breath and remove all discouraging thoughts from your mind.

Now let’s get started.

‘The ultimate tip is to look for website that their registration fee is low e.g ₦1000, ₦1500, ₦1600
This is something I learnt in a hard way 🙂

The First Tip: Don’t add many online business platforms in a group.

Since a group is suppose to have a sole topic;

A successful online business person is not supposed to add the entire platform he is advertising into a single WhatsApp group.

This is the worst mistake you can make because members in your group will not get what you are doing even if 5% understand 95% won’t.

Therefore, you will end up getting unserious members and the rate of participants exiting groups and asking unnecessary questions will increase.

Whereas, the questions that should be ask is “How do we get started”.

They will exist because the messages are too much and the unnecessary questions will come because of the group don’t have a sole topic.

The Second Tip: Post payment for registration and newly registered members dashboard on your group.

Always make sure you post payment for registration even if 1 or 2 or 5 daily.

If you don’t have u can borrow from the same platform group after all you were referred by someone, claim the payment like you are the one that received it with captions like “Payment Received, wait for your log in details”

You can post the person Dashboard that pay and you can caption it as “Congratulations, Account created”.

Once you post this kind of things people become interested ask questions, because once they see people join, people will like to join. 

All they need is just to make sure people are joining that will make them trust what you are selling.

The Third Tip: Get nice and short write ups for presentation.

Get nice write-ups; brief short and straight to the point to talk about the business, borrow from other same group if you must, edit or paste like that.

Make sure you highlight the platform benefits and offers if they become members.

 Make sure to keep them updated when new features and payout are being made or during time for withdrawal. 

The Fourth Tip: Post alerts as evidence of payment.

Alerts pictures are not a problem you can always visit the platform Social Media handles e.g facebook pages/group to get alerts.

You can also get alerts from their official social media page. some site post alerts in their testimonies page of the website.

And make sure you make it obvious when you receive your own alert, after posting other alert you can caption it “finally my own alert has landed!!”

The Fifth Tip: Don’t keep your group dormant

Make sure you always update your group(s). If you have time do different write ups each day or post old ones its all the same.

But unarguably new write-ups will make your marketing more serious.

To make your group livelier, after presentations you can keep on updating success quotes

The Sixth Tip: You can reduce prices and offer discounts

As we all know and if you will agree with me, the rate of turnover matters a lot in business.

Turnover is the number of times a firm sells out its merchandise or finished goods inventory

So the rate at which people register under you can even if you are not receiving full bonus will determine a huge income.

At the end of the month you can generate more income than people who are receive full bonus payment.

e.g If u are receiving 1000 as bonus to people that register 1600 you can register people for 1300 meaning you are receiving 700 at the end of the deal.

make money using WhatsApp Group

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The Seventh Tip: Don’t allow link spam and discussions that are not related to the platform.

If you allow links or idles talks into your group even if adverts, group invites, jokes or random posts which are not related to what you are marketing, it becomes unserious and participants will not take it serious, and they will spam the group also and therefore the sole topic of that group is divided.

So to deal with such instant removal or last warning will suffice.

Make sure you mark the participant or you can save it with anything you want maybe save it with last chance so that if the participant posts again, he or she will be kick-out.

That way you should know interested and uninterested members.

Hope you are following this tips to make money using WhatsApp Group 🙂

The Eighth Tip: Don’t always close your group

Don’t close your group so that members can ask questions and interact and therefore you can earn more trust.

But if you are offline or not active, close your group to avoid spam messages.

Make sure to always be online or don’t be inactive for too long
because you might have a customer who wants to register.

The Ninth Tip: Don’t add unserious friends or family members

Don’t add your friends or families if they are adamant about what you are marketing just to get members, remember; “a prophet has no respect in his home town”.

Target business groups and post your link with alluring write-ups to get serious people.

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The Tenth tip: Promote your business group(s) always

Make sure you promote your link on a daily basis to get more members.

Because the higher the serious minded participants the higher your income.

You can pay WhatsApp TVs to promote your link on their status and get more serious participants.

Apart from how to make money using WhatsApp Group you can see that WhatsApp TVs still make money through advertisement.

The Eleventh tip: Don’t insult group participants

Don’t insult members who go against rules and don’t ask any member to use the exit link.

You should issue your last warning with respect.

Don’t go to their DM and throw in insults or curses on them.

The Twelfth Tip: Always follow-up members who show interest

You can always slide to the DM of members who showed interest.

But apply this tip with caution because the more you act hostile to people, the more they feel discouraged.

So once in a while you can ask them hope they are still interested, some we say yes, while some will voice out their doubts.

But still encourage them, with the benefits they are missing.

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I believe with the tips listed above, when applied you will unarguably make money using WhatsApp group.

So this is all you need to know on how to make money using WhatsApp Group. If you are selling product the tips will still help you boost your sales.

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