Kellton Tech develops its own identity with artificial intelligence strategies

It is often said that the need of the hour now is not to fit technology to a problem but to search for solutions with technology as a contributory medium. How many of the tech firms follow it is subject to debate.

But Kellton Tech takes the dictum seriously to develop a distinct identity of its own in the tech world with digital transformation through the implementation of AI strategies.

In its tech strategization in general and AI (artificial intelligence) in particular, the company distances itself from companies that tend to regard technology as be-all and end-all.

A judicious approach to finding solutions, aided but not guided by technology, propels the company, established in 2009, to “continue to inspire, transform and create synergies that shape the digital space.”

Does Kellton Tech undermine the power of technology? Certainly not, but rather than subsuming people in technology it prioritizes people’s role in exploring solutions, with the aid of technology, to all sorts of problems.

This incidentally is one of the core principles of the company. AI comes very handily in such a vision because one of its goals, which also guides its cutting-edge development of ‘intelligence’, pertains to forming closer links or bonds between technology and human beings— adopting digital transformation.

In utilizing the power of disruptive technology for “constantly imagining machine-level ingenuity” and in assisting clients and customers to extract more out of their machines Kellton Tech adopts the people-driven AI and machine learning as the foundation for digital transformation.

The company is quite clear about the distinctive way it seeks to approach digital transformation.  For it, digital transformation is “far more than just a technology switch. It’s about training people and changing processes to get more out of the most powerful tool in business.”

Digital transformation hosts a number of items such as augmented reality and virtual reality, blockchain, data science and analytics, design studio, enterprise mobility, Internet of Things, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through certain AI strategies.

Kellton Tech is known for implementing AI strategies in a wide range of services such as Agile software development, digital commerce and marketing, digital integration, outsourced product development, R&D labs, and testing and automation.

Multiple industries leverage these AI strategies including finance, banking and insurance, e-commerce, real estate, travel and tourism, and many more. In calling itself “technology agnostic” Kellton Tech thus reveals an effective pathway for possible emulation.

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