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download Statues from xender

Learn how to download Statues from xender a popular android application.

you can download status from your social media account such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.

Moreover, when viewing Statues from our Social Media accounts, we always want to download the ones that we find funny or important for viewing anytime we want to.

In this article I will be teaching you a new tip of downloading your social media status from Xender.

Notedly, xender to every android phones is a must have app that enable users to send files more efficiently especially the larger files.

Step 1

Install Xender from google playstore, if you don’t have Xender on your phone you can easily download it from playstore.

Step 2

download Statues from xender

Open Xender application and click on SOCIAL., Whatapps, Facebook and Instagram Statues will show respectively at the top of social choose the social media you wish to save the status.

Step 3

download Statues from xender

If you choose to download from WhatsApp, click on “connect” to connect your Xender to your WhatsApp.

Step 4

download Statues from xender

Open your Xender application again and click on the “save Icon”, follow instruction and allow notification from your application.

Step 5

Open your Xender application and click on the “save icon”, this time the picture or video will be saved in this path ‘storage/emulated/0/xender/statues’(Check Xender folder on your file manager and click on statues folder).

For other social media download their Status downloader respectively. Login and follow instructions to download.

Note that you can paste video links and download also.

With this simple tips you can download Social Media Statues from xender

Note: Remember to always click on connect to load new statues.

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