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Steps and Guides on How to register for NYSC and get your Call-up Letter or Exclusion Letter [Pictures]

Steps and Guides on how to register for NYSC


In this article, I will be giving you detailed steps and guides on how to register for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) – from start to finish and obtained either a Call-up letter or Exclusion Letter.

I have been registering graduates since 2013 and I find out that this is without a doubt one of the most asked question in the heart of every Nigerian graduates who are graduating from higher institutions.

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Even if you are going for service or not you must register under National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

It is either you register to get a Green Card and later Call-up Letter or you register to get an Exclusion Letter.

Exclusion Letters are for those who have been excluded from service by the government due to the fact that they attended part-time programme or are above 30 years of age.

Institution like The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has been excluded from service because they offer only Part-Time programmes.

So if you are a graduating student from NOUN, note that you will be offer Exclusion Letter after successful registration.

And if you are a graduating student that did part-time programme, note that you will be offer Exclusion Letter after successful registration

You can use your phone to register for this institution, just change your Google Chrome browser to Desktop View.

Step: Click on the 3 dots lines at the top right hand side of your Chrome Application, Scroll down through the options and select Desktop View.

Now let’s get started.

Requirements (Required Documents)

NYSC General Registration Documents

  1. 1 White Background Passport
  2. Scanned Signature
  3. First School Leaving Certificate
  4. Senior School Certificate (WAEC or NECO)
  5. National Diploma (Optional)

NYSC Married Women Registration Documents

  1. Change of name on newspaper publication
  2. Spouse (Husband) Employment letter
  3. Utility Bill
  4. Spouse (husband) ID Card (National ID, Driver’s License, Voters Card)
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Court affidavit of your marriage

1. The First Step is heading to NYSC Portal

  1. Click on the NYSC Portal link (Change to desktop view if you are using mobileonce you are in NYSC Portal.
  2. Click on Mobilization Batch Icon (as indicated in the image above)

You will also see that in the Icon there is notice of when NYSC started registration and when they will end it.

NYSC Registration is always by Batches from Batch A to C

2. The Second Step is choosing your Registration Option

There are two options there which are Fresh Registration and Revalidation.

Fresh Registrations are for people who are registering for the first time in NYSC Portal

Revalidations are for people who have been deployed in a previous NYSC batch but did not show up in camp.

  1. So if you are registering for the first time; which is what we are discussing click on Fresh Registration.

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3. The Third Step is to initiate your account creation.

This is a section where you fill your Email Address and Answer a Secret question that will be asked if you are recovering your password, in case you forget it.

There is a notice there that you should use other mails apart from a series of domain they listed because you might encounter delay if you use them. I will advise you to use Gmail Account as a mail domain, messages from NYSC Shows up faster.

So to prevent delayed messages, use your Gmail Account, if you don’t have click Create Gmail Account to create one.

  1. Fill your Email Address and confirm it on their respective fields.
  2. Choose your Security Question
  3. Put your answer and confirm it on their respective fields.

Note that: answers are case sensitive so I will advise you to fill with small letters

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4. The Four step is confirming your Email Address

So you have to head to your mail inbox and get the confirmation message sent by NYSC.

It is always like this (noreply     e-mail Address Confirmation – NYSC) if you can’t find it check your spam messages.

  1. Click on the link on your mail box to confirm your mail.
  2. The next page for filling your school information and choosing a password. 

5. The fifth step is filling your Pre-payment page.

This section is for filling your country of study (if you choose any country other than Nigeria, that means you are applying as a foreign student, (NYSC will require some documents), institution, JAMB Reg Number, Matric No./ID Card No (School ID), Programme (Part-time or Full Time), Password and Phone number.

Note that: once you fill your Matric No and select Programme type, the page is going to load the details your school submitted.

In case it did not load, just know that your school has not yet submitted your details.

6. The Sixth Step is registering your Fingerprints.

Now this is where you will look for café who are doing NYSC Registration to help you register your fingerprint.

What you will need in a White Background Passport and Your Scanned Signature.

If you have the fingerprint capturing device you can download the NYSC Java Software, NYSC Biometric Client, it is Biometric data capture software.

Take the password you used in the Fifth step and also the email address you verified, and then login to the NYSC Java Software.

Install it your computer and register your fingerprints by yourself.

It only work on Computer, if you are using phone then look for café and register your fingerprints then you can continue.

Hope you are finding this article: Steps and guides on How to register for NYSC informative? Let’s dive in more.

7. The Seventh Step is to Login to your NYSC Account

After registering your fingerprint then you will login through NYSC Portal using your password and email address.

  1. Visit NYSC Portal and click on Login
  2. Put your correct password and email address
  3. Then click on RESUME

It will bring out payment option to either pay now or continue registration without payment.

8. The Eighth Step is making payment.

In this stage you can pay, then continue registration or continue registration without payment.

Payment for registrations are not fixed it rises according to time but range from ₦2,800 to ₦3,000.

If you choose to pay then you will have to pay using Remita, if you choose continue without payment then you will register and then pay after registration. (Check the Eighth Step to continue)

Steps to make payment

  1. Click on the make payment and then it will redirect you to Remita portal.
  2. The remita field will be automatically filled with your details so just scroll down to ReCaptcha
  3. Verify that you are not a robot using ReCaptcha.
  4. Remita will bring a page for payment to either pay in a Bank Branch or Using Debit Card (ATM Card).

Debit Card: If You are paying with debit card it will automatically redirect you back to NYSC to continue Registration.

Bank Branch: If you are using Bank Branch then you can pay it in any bank in Nigeria and re-login to your portal.

If NYSC is still telling you to make payment after you might have paid in the bank then you need to Check Your Payment Status and Re-Query it.

  1. Fill in your Email address and click on continue.
  2. Your Payment Status will pop up, if it is showing Not Paid
  3. Then click on Re-Query.
  4. Login back to NYSC Portal and continue your registration.

This next steps from Nine to Twelve requires you to fill your information fast, if not you will be bounced back to login page and you will start afresh from the eighth step.

9. The Ninth Step is filling your information.

This section will show-up after making payment or if you click on continue without payment.

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This section is where you fill details about you e.g Address, Blood Group and Genotyp, Next of Kin Information, Contact in Case of Emergency, Marital Status etc.

If you are married (For Female), NYSC will require some proofs by requesting for documents at the last section of registration (See the Twelfth Step).

Once you are done filling the form, then click on continue.

10. The Tenth step is filling your school details.

 This is a section where you will be required to fill your primary and secondary school details.

E.g The name of your school and year started and the year you finish.

You will be asked to fill your foundation class it is optional, it is for people who have ND, APTECH etc. if you don’t want to fill then you can skip it.

After filling in your correct details click on continue.

11. The Eleventh step is choosing options

This section will show you to choose from options like the ones listed below.

  1. If you are a serving force or not, if you are a national awardee etc.
  2. The states you have visited
  3. Nigerian languages you speak
  4. Choose the size of your shirt, trouser, Canvas/jungle boots etc.
  5. Append Your Scanned Signature
  6. Click on continue

12. The Twelfth step is choosing a possible state of deployment

This section shows you summary of what you have filled if there is error to quickly correct it.

Scroll down to choose your state of deployment from first choice to fourth choice.

You must choose from the list you are given.

13. The Thirteenth Step is uploading your documents if you are married (for females only)

 This section will only come up for married graduates but if you are single you won’t see this stage.

Below are the required documents:

  • Your change of name on newspaper publication
  • Husband Employment letter
  • Utility Bill
  • Husband ID Card (National ID, Driver’s License, Voters Card)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Court affidavit.

Note that you will bring the photocopies/original of the document you uploaded at camp for deployment.

14. The Fourteenth step is going back to your dashboard.

Now if you click on continue without payment, and then you will be required to make payment.

Note that your Green card slips or Exclusion Letter won’t be process except you make payment.

Like I said earlier, payment are not fixed it rises according to time but ranges from ₦2,800 to ₦3,000

If you have made payment before registering, your NYSC dashboard will appear

But you have to check back for some days to get your Green card slips or Exclusion Letter from your dashboard.

It takes sometimes the next day or 3 days later, maybe more, it totally depends on NYSC.

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If you registering as a student from NOUN or a Part-time student or a student from age 30 and above, then you will be receiving Exclusion Letter instead of Green Card Slip.

If you are not in any of the above categories then you will first receive a Green Card Slip and then a Call-up Letter afterwards.

I Hope you are find these Steps and guides onHow to register for NYSC informative.

So these are a detailed Steps and guides on how to register for NYSC, this Step and guides are accurate from start to finish. It contains all you need to know while registering for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

So your question of Steps and guides on how to register for NYSC has been answered from scratch to full, in a 1-100 scale.

Thank you for reading this article, if you are finding any section difficult or you have questions regarding this article; feel free to comment for guides and answers. Thanks once again.

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