Steps on how to print plastic ID Card and CD Disc on Canon Ip7200 Series

How to print Plastic ID Card


In this article, I will outline guides and Steps on how to print Plastic ID Card and CD on Canon Ip7200 Series.

This content is all about printing from Corel Draw Application after you might have designed it.

These steps can print on any Canon Printer if you have difficulties feel free to comment below.

Here are the steps below, be mindful to follow these instructions carefully, as any mistake will print on the Card or Disc wrongly.

Step 1: Change the Corel Draw Measurement Unit to Millimeter.

Just as indicate in the Diagram below on Step 3; the measurements for both ID Card Size and ID Card Placement are in Millimeters.

So make sure your Corel Draw Measurement Unit is in Millimeters.

Step 2: Change your Paper size to A4

The default paper size on Corel Draw is always in the Letter paper size.

Therefore you must change your paper size to A4.

Because the following steps will only work well if you are using A4 Paper Size and not Letter.

Step 3: Change the Object Size of the ID cards to Millimeters

How to print Plastic ID Card

Just as indicated in the image above, the measurements are taken in Millimeters.

Therefore, if you are printing for Landscape or Portrait the sizes differ.

If you have any challenges just leave a comment below.

Step 4: Adjust The Cards to the Right Placements.

How to print Plastic ID Card

Just like in the image above the Tray to Print ID Cards are divided into Tray A and Tray B.

Thought that is not how it is labeled in Canon ID Card Tray, I am just using it base on this content.

Therefore, in this article, I will call it Tray A and Tray B.

Image of Placement and Object Size

The above image is a sample of the placement and Object Size in Corel Draw.

You can look for it and apply the measurement unit and placement.

Step 5: Setting the Printer

How to print Plastic ID Card

Guide 1

  • Click Print under file in Menu Bar or Ctrl + P
  • On the Printer Box Select the ID Card Printer

Guide 2

  1. Select Printer Properties on the Print box
  2. When the Printer Properties box appears, locate and Select “Media Type”
  3. Select “Other Papers” on the Media Type option
  4. On the Other Papers option select “Printable Disc (recommended)
  1. On the Printer Properties
  2. Select “Printer Paper Size”
  3. Select “Disk tray J”
  1. Finally, click ok
  2. Click Apply on the Print box
  3. Click Print Preview on the Print Box
  4. Then click on the Printer Icon to send for printing


Send for printing before inserting the ID Card Tray and wait for the Printer to instruct you to start printing before you insert the ID Card Tray.

Step 6: Printing on CD

Follow the steps for Printing ID Card but the CD Size and CD Positioning defers.

The printing settings are still the same as the ID Card.

Therefore, here is the summary on how to go about it.

CD Sizing

117mm x 117mm

23mm x 23 mm

CD Positioning

X =  46.669mm

Y =  200.72mm


With these steps and guides, you can correctly print an ID card on Plastic using Canon Ip2700 Series or any Canon ID Card Printer.

So these are all you need to know concerning steps on how to print Plastic ID Card and CD on Canon Ip7200 Series.

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