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How to optimize your internet speed for online streaming (watching movies online)

optimize your internet speed


Let’s talk about this common problems we face when watching movies or video conference online, we sometimes experience delay in loading videos, pauses, reduced quality  video, buffering etc. so what we will be discussing in this article are the steps to optimize your internet speed.

When we watch movies/videos like in Netflix, IMDB, Youtube, Facebook, Work or Church conference online, a good number of us are always frustrated when internet connection starts to disrupt our viewing.

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Personally, I had so much trouble completing this Tv Series The Chosen (First ever multi-seasonal show about the life of Jesus Christ) because before 10 to 15 minutes; the episode I was viewing will pause and start showing the buffering notification, sometimes I need to wait for several minutes, sometimes it starts almost immediately, until I was fed up and had to do these steps am about to list here, that really helped my Streaming experience.

But before then let us quickly take a look at the meaning of buffering and streaming.

What is Buffering?

  • Buffering comes into display when a movies you are watching online reach the exact timeframe your internet connection was able to download data of the video you are viewing. So in order to continue viewing your videos; your device will buffer and will try to get more data for the video you are streaming to prevent lag in stream.

We should know that slow internets causes buffering and if you are streaming a short video online it takes only seconds if the video is long then it takes several minutes, all depending on the data contained in your video streaming.

What is streaming?

  • Streaming: Streaming according to oxford Dictionary “is a method of transmitting or receiving data (especially videos and audio material) over a computer network as a steady, continuous flow, allowing playback to start while the rest of the data is still being received.”

This is simply transmitting data (being the host, i.e someone who started the online streaming either posting a video or holding a conference online) or receiving data (i.e someone who is watching the video or who attended the online conference).

Streaming online isn’t only for viewing pleasure, sometimes it can be use for business purposes and you don’t want your customers to get frustrated just because the fault is coming from you due to your slow internet connection. Therefore, you will need to optimize your internet speed for this purpose.

So here is a simple guide to optimize your internet speed for a more faster and smooth streaming experience.

Step 1: Test your internet speed

optimize your internet speed

The first step to consider is to test your internet speed to see your internet connection status how many Megabyte per seconds you spend (Mbps), for online conference you need a minimum of 1.5Mbps. Therefore to test your internet speed use can use any of the following links to do so, either by Ookla or by Netflix.

There are many speed testing sites out there but we will recommend you use the above mentioned for a more accurate analyzing of your exact internet speed measurement.

Step 2. Check your network location status.

Notably, a higher network status/type tends to load the internet faster, therefore downloading more data during online streaming. You will agree to the fact that 4G networks loads data faster than 3G, just as 3G is to 2G.

To check your network status follow this step path settings>wireless and networks>cellular networks on your Smartphone, this step path will show you network status/type if you are using 3G or 4G network.

Step 3. Upgrade your device to 4G LTE.

If your network type is 3G you can upgrade to 4G LTE.

Sometimes a mobile phone might have the 4G network but the your SIM Card might be in 3G, it is totally advisable you visit any of your network provided office and upgrade your SIM to 4G network, this will really help your internet speed.

See ways to upgrade your device to 4G LTE for different types of phones (Techno, Samsung etc).

Step 4. Check your Wi-Fi Signal Strength.

If you are using Wi-Fi, where you place it matters a lot, you should always note to place the Wi-Fi on the highest place of your house with the strongest network signal.

Check your Wi-Fi strength bar while trying to get the right placement. So that you will know the particular place that has the highest network signal.

Step 5. Try the Ethernet option.

optimize your internet speed
Ethernet Cable and Socket

Ethernet cables are cables that transfer internet networks to a computer either from a router or a modem that supports or has the cable socket.

This cable connects the internet faster most times than a Wi-Fi, so if your modem supports Ethernet, then you should try it instead of using Wi-Fi signal it optimize your internet speed a great deal.

6. Switch you device or modem Wi-Fi frequency.

Short range distance tends to load the internet faster than in a long range distance.

Wi-Fi connection has frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5GHz for long and short distance ranch respectively.

If your Wi-Fi is in a frequency of 2.4GHz that means you can use it from a long distance, so you should change it back to the 5GHz frequency then move your device or modem closer to your computer, this should optimize your internet speed a great deal

Using a Wi-Fi standard band of 802.11n which support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, they are a theoretical speed of 300 Mbps at a distance of 820 ft and 900 Mbps at a distance of 460 ft respectively.

7. Try the following miscellaneous suggestions.

  • Disable HD view under settings if you are using zoom for viewing
  • Close other unneeded applications on your computer
  • Avoid other activities that will steal your bandwidth
  • Avoid USB tethering, this is way slower than Wi-Fi or modem
  • Disable ad popping plugins, if you don’t know how to do that end browser process in task manger. Shortcut key to task manger is ctrl+shift+esc
  • Disconnect any other non-priority devices off the network during your streaming.


With this few steps you should be able to optimize your internet speed for either online streaming, watching video online, making video calls etc.

Leave your comments below, lets see how we can be of help to any other guides steps listed above.

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