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How I made money using WhatsApp TV Status

How to make money using WhatsApp TV Status


After writing an article on How to make money using WhatsApp group, I have decided to also write an article on on How to make money using WhatsApp TV Status.

It is quite easy, that is if you know your target audience.

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Though, one thing about WhatsApp TV that is very advantageous is that you will get lots of people who are interested in different things (Subjects/niches).

So therefore, the higher your contacts the higher chance you get to make more money.

The primary way that WhatsApp TVs uses to make money is through status advertisement, so the higher you get Status views the better.

How to make money using WhatsApp TV Status

If you want your WhatsApp TV Status to fetch you more money then you need to work on getting people to save your contacts.

WhatsApp TVs with 5,000 views tends to earn money more; it won’t make you rich overnight but will make you earn side incomes that you can add to your monthly salary. 

If you have close to 5,000 views and counting, then you will have more chance of people contacting you for advertisement.

70% of them will be from your contacts, while some will be through referral.

But I will write from scratch in case you want to start a WhatsApp TV, how to gather contacts from scratch.

What is WhatsApp TV?

WhatsApp TV are business contacts that post thing/updates on their status about a particular subject/niche e.g  e.g Music Heat Updates, Sports, News Headlines from renown newspapers, Celebs Gossips, , Movies, Comedy, News etc.

You might probably be thinking of how to make money using WhatsApp TV (Status).

How does WhatsApp TVs get Money?

It is ultimately through advertisement, but advertisers will only contact a WhatsApp TV that more status views.

So if you want to make money through WhatsApp TV then you have to work on getting views/contacts.

You can even advertise any affiliate programme you are in and get prospects to register under you as down-lines.

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 How do I Start?

When you hear of WhatsAppTV it doesn’t mean that you will download a specific WhatsApp Application for WhatsApp TV.

You will use the normal WhatsApp Application and the best for such a thing is the WhatsApp Business Application.

You can download and install WhatsApp Business from Google Playstore

I have written an article on how to set WhatsApp Business features.

The WhatsApp Business features that you will set will make you manage your WhatsApp TV well.

If you have a WhatsApp TV, just read through, you will find out what to do in other to increase your status views the more.

Choosing a Good name for your WhatsApp TV

Surely a good and alluring name can influence the amount of people that will show interest.

Nowadays the WhatsApp Tv is not something new, almost everybody to say the least have one or two WhatsApp Tv on their contacts.

What will make them consider you is what kind of name you are using.

Someone consulted me sometime February and was asking me how to grow his TV.

The first thing I asked him was “what is your TV name?” and he replied “Wizzy Tech Tv”. I told him change your TV name and now he has over 3,000 members.

To be frank, that name sounds like he will be posting boring stuffs about tech.

You will see people, who are interested in Tech quite alright, but maybe 10 or 20.

Using a mature Logo

Do you want to start WhatsApp TV? Don’t just create a boring childish logo with your phone.

Give it to graphic designer to design something cool, if you know graphics then design something cool.

The more matured you logo is, the more people take you serious.

If you want to learn how to make money using WhatsApp TV Status, then you must sacrifice for it.

Make sure to get subject(s) people will likely Show Interest.

This is the most critical aspect, what can you update your viewers that they can’t get elsewhere?

Or how can you do better than people who have been doing it?

If you are choosing sports, then you need to be more updated on that field. You can add more than one subject together.

e.g Music Heat Updates, Celebs Gossips, Sports, News Headlines from renown newspapers, Movies, Comedy, Admission News, Jamb News etc.

This is where you work hard to standout, if you are good on what you post, you might enjoy referral.

Others are reading Steps and Guides on How to register for NYSC and get your Call-up Letter or Exclusion Letter [Pictures]

Get short introduction

Don’t slide into someone’s DM and post long message trying to get the person to save your contact.

Some people will not read it and end up blocking you.

Make your message polite and straight to the point, in fact short messages are what people love to read.

People tend to read short messages than reading long things.    

Tell you contacts to block you from viewing their status

In case you don’t know how to do this; see steps on How to block a particular contact from viewing your status.

Copy the link and give to your members so that they can block you from viewing their status, if not your WhatsApp will slow once you open it.

Use watermarks on your posts.

The best way to promote yourself is by adding watermark to your post, so that if you contact save it. Your Whatsapp TV name and phone number will go viral.

Watermark here simply is just adding your WhatsApp Name, Logo and Phone number to some sensitive posts.

Post your Status Views Stats frequently

If an individual wants to make advertisement on WhatsApp; the first thing that comes to his/her mind is advertising through WhatsApp TVs.

Therefore, the best choice will be advertising in a WhatsApp Tv that have more Status views.

But you are the only one that can see your views stats, so how will people know the approximate views you get per post?

So the best way to make your contacts know your views is by posting it.

Therefore, always screenshot your stats and post it on your status.

Post your Status Views Stats frequently

Make sure to always update your TV always, let your viewers keep your TV in mind, that they will get updates on the particular subject that make them to join.

If not some might delete your contact, this is where you work very hard.

Post your price list on advertisement

Always post price list on advertisement on each categories, I will advise you to reduce prices on advertisement.

Consult more TV to know of their pricing before posting yours, so that you can decide a price that will likely benefit you.

Don’t relent on promoting your TV.

Don’t think because you have a few thousand people then you will relent on promoting your TV to get views.

Always promote your TV to get more views. That way you get many advertisers to work with.

Use WhatsApp Business Messaging Tools

WhatsApp Business have a unique Messaging Tools That helps you send messages when you are online but not available to reply.
e.g the Away Message, Greeting Message and the Quick Reply. See How to set WhatsApp Business Messaging tool.


This is the end of this article, how to make money using WhatsApp TV Status.

Many people might tell you different things than what is written here.

But I am writing from experience as someone who operates a WhatsApp TV with more than 7,000 status views and also coach other WhatsApp TVs.

These are just the main point you need to improve your TV and make some money using your WhatsApp TV.

Other things that might be said will revolve around these main guides that are posted here. Thanks for reading this article; How to make money using WhatsApp TV Status, feel free to comment on this topic about any question you want to ask.

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