How to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile app

How to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile app


How to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile App

The OPay brand has been growing largely in Nigeria and other African Countries. This brand is a Seamless financial service provider brand owe by Opera Software just like Opera Browser, ORide, OList Nigeria, OMall, etc.

OPay is fully approved by the CBN to carry out legal financial transactions in Nigeria such as Sending money to any Bank in Nigeria, receiving money through any bank because of its user-assigned account number.

How to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile app

You can also use OPay to Buy Artime, Buy WAECC/NECO Token, Cash Withdrawal through POS, etc.

The best part is this, when you become and OPay Agent and use these OPay services more often (to customers), you will earn commission per transaction, and if your sales are good, you will earn a POS Machine and probably an OPay Branded Shop which will be taken care of by OPay.

You can also work as an affiliate that will bring in agents into the company and earn commission per referral.

So in this article, I will be guiding you on how to activate an account on OPay Agent Mobile App.

Without much stress, you can apply to become an OPay agent through OPay Website (

You just have to click on the above link and fill the registration form accordingly and OPay will contact you in due time.

But the best –which I am also speaking from experience–, is to register through the OPay Agent Mobile application.

That way, you will be responded to faster, in fact after signing up on “Become an Agent” you will be asked to download the application because this is where  –what I should term as– the complete registration is held.


Before we look at the guides on how to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile App, we should first of all check the requirements.

  1. You need to have a Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  2. Also a scanned Passport Photograph
  3. Government Issued means of Identity (Voters Card, National Identity Card/Slip, International Passport, and Drivers License)
  4. Utility Bill (Electricity Bill, Water Bill, etc)
  5. A Shop Address/Location (where you can attend to customers)
  6. A registered Business name which is not compulsory to have (Just choose a business name if you have not registered any)
  7. Must be 18 years of age and above

So if you have the above seven requirements, then you are ready to go, so now let us look at the guides on how to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile App.

How to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile app

Guides on creating and activating an OPay Agent account.

These guides/steps are also on how to create and activate an OPay Agent account using the OPay Mobile App.   

Downloading OPay Agent Mobile App

The first thing to do is to download the OPay Agent Application from Google Play Store.

  1. Visit Google Play Store or click on this link OPay Agent App to download directly for Google Play Store.
  2. Download and Install the OPay Agent App

Verifying your Phone number and creating pin

How to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile app

The next thing to do is very your phone number for authenticity, create a 6 digit pin as a pin for login in.

Here are the guides

  1. Input your phone number and click on Authorize
  2. They will ask you to input a six-digit verification code that was sent to your SMS inbox
  3. If you didn’t get the code then dial *347*010#
  4. It will display a code, input it and click on Continue
  5. You will be as to create a 6 digit pin (Create it and retype the same a pin for confirmation)
  6. Click on Create Pin
  7. The next is to set up your information after creating pin, click on Start Process

Setting up your information

This is where you fill your information like the agent that referred you (which is not compulsory),  Email address, First Name (Your Name), Middle Name (Other Name), Last Name (Surname), Choose your Gender, and Date of Birth respectively.

  1. Click About You on the form sub-section and fill in your correct information accordingly
  2. Then, Click on Continue

Verifying your email address

In this subsection, you are required to verify your email address, because important mails will be sent to you as demanded.

Therefore using a valid email address is necessary

  1. Log in to the email address you input and click on the email message OPay Verification
  2. Click on the link to verify your address
  3. Go back to the OPay Agent Mobile App and click on “I have verified my Email Address to proceed to the next step.

Verify your identity (BVN)

This place your identity is further verified using the unique Bank Verification Number (BVN)

  1. Input the number that is associated with your bank account
  2. Input your BVN
  3. Then, click on verify BVN

More information on your business

This is where you give out information concerning your business like the business name, office address/location, City, State, Aggregator ID (which is totally optional)

  1. Therefore, fill in your business correct information accordingly
  2. Then, Click on Continue

Uploading KYC Documents

OPay is authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to carry out legal information, so like your Local Bank, they request for KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.

Therefore, OPay requires documents like a Scanned Passport, Scanned Government Issued ID Card, and Scanned Utility Bill.

  1. Upload the documents on the required fields (Document size should not be more than 100Kb
  2. Click on Continue


So after following these steps, you will be asked to wait for verification, OPay doesn’t have a specific time of contact, but it should not be more than seven days.

So this is all the information on how to activate an account on OPay Agent mobile App.

Apart from making money through transaction commission, you can also make money referring OPay to people who show interest in becoming an OPay Agent. Thanks for reading if you have any more questions; please drop it in the comment section.

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