How it Works

Netforum TV is a new income program that has come in 2022 to elevate and enable its members to earn passive income online without a charge.

We Are Enhancing Writers and Readers To Earn And Get Paid For Posting and Reading Any kind of Article On Our Website.

Also, on the other hand, you don’t have to pay anything to earn cool cash on Netforum TV. The registration is totally FREE!! And Your payment is assured as long as you have the minimum withdrawal amount.

How You Earn On Netforum TV

Note that Netforum TV offers the best activities earnings out there…

  • You earn 50 for Daily Login
  • You earn 100 Points for sharing our Daily sponsored Posts to Facebook (Note that Earnings is added to your Daily Login)
  • You earn ₦10 when you read a post (Note that you will earn this reward after commenting)
  • You earn ₦20 on each comment you made on a post. (Your comments on any article/post must at least be 5 words and above to interact properly with the article/post) the sum of ₦30 will be added for Reading and Commenting.
  • You earn ₦100 while referring friends and families to join free of charge
  • You get an instant registration reward of 600 point immediately you sign up as a new member
  • Top 3 active Activities earners win Airtime every Sunday.

Steps to Earn activities earnings

  1. When on our website, Click “KEEP ME INFORMED” to get notified of our latest posts.
  2. Click the Logo on the purple panel to navigate to our Homepage
  3. Start reading and commenting on Posts from theHomepage
  4. Click the three dot lines beside the Logo and click dashboard to see your earnings

See the picture below for a better illustration

How to earn activities
How to earn activities

What Makes Us Different?

WE provide people with the opportunity to take advantage of the internet and make it a way of making extra cash with their mobile devices for FREE!! By Posting articles on our site and also reading our Article.

Who can be a member on Netforum TV?

Anyone can be a member of Netforum TV as all you need is an internet-enabled device to enable you to perform your daily tasks on our website but our platform is more is suitable and understandable to Nigerians only.

The Netforum TV is a Multi-purpose platform (Write, Read & Perform task) created by us as a team of well-experienced entrepreneurs, internet explorers, forex/crypto traders, etc with the aim of connecting people to WRITE, READ NEWS & PERFORM TASK across the world thereby creating employment opportunities for members in this means by generating revenue from advertisement industries, FOREX, and Crypto Currency Markets.

One of the Good thoughts and plans of Netforum TV is to help to reduce the rate of unemployment in society and let people make money with their data by reading news online and surfing the net.

How do Netforum TV generate Income?

Have you ever wondered how Bloggers in Nigeria make Millions of Naira every month? It’s simple! Google and other adverts Companies pay Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs/websites and the bloggers get paid when you visit and click on those adverts!

This simply means bloggers make money when you visit their blog or website! So, the more you visit, the more money they make!

The question is, why do bloggers take all the money for themselves without giving a dime to the visitors who help them make the money?

This is the difference we are making on Netforum TV We have designed a system that allows us to share our Revenue with our members here 29th of every month!!

When you become a registered member, you can earn up to N50k every week by referring and other activities on Netforum TV for FREE!!

How genuine Netforum TV?

You may be thinking, is this another scam? No, It’s not at all… Netforum TV is 100% LEGIT. And We are out with good motives and to keep to our promise.

Furthermore, In other to keep this platform moving, we have has a team group of professionals with several years of experience that trades forex and CryptoCurrency.

These professionals will manage a certain percentage of funds generated from Google Adsence to make more funds through the forex and Crypto market to make the ground of our platform very solid.

Netforum TV is a noble idea created to fight poverty, so we are using any kind of means to fight this Poverty by avoiding only a source of income.

We have successfully explained our road map and we promise to keep our plans going as we pray for the grace of God to open us to make us stand till we fulfill your aim and purpose of this platform.

And that’s not all

You Earn instant ₦100 when you refer someone using your referral link.. (Not compulsory).
Referring is 100% optional because Netforum TV pay all your earnings with or without referrals.

You can also earn more by performing a new available tasks on your dashboard which will be available often.

We also give out different bonuses and gifts to our most active users every WEEKLY; therefore you will have to be active so as to earn and also to qualify for these our bonuses.

Our Cashout is 16th of every month with a minimum of ₦10,000 with no transfer charges

Isn’t that great?? You see, that’s why we are different from all the online businesses that you knew in the past.

As a member of Netforum TV multi-purpose platform, there are several ways to EARN

We pay affiliate/Smart Earner to withdraw 16th of every month WHILE activity earnings withdrawal is every 16th of every month (one time in a month)

The withdrawal button is located in your Dashboard area. Once you apply for withdrawal, you should expect Bank Alert within 0 to 24 hours of your withdrawal

(We are proud to say the Netforum TV will be the best platform and the first of its kind)

I wonder what you are still waiting for?  Join us now  to earn cool cash straigth to your bank account every MONTH FOR FREE!!

If you already are a member Click here to Log in

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