Make Money Online review: If Legit or Scam, review, How to earn and withdraw (Find out now) review if legit or scam review if legit or scam?

There are a lot of ways you can earn money online and watching videos is one of them.

In this article, we are going to look at review if legit or scam, How to earn and withdraw.

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What is

Hf-video is an online platform that pays you per minute of viewing when you watch promotional videos on their platforms.

Companies pay them to upload their promotional videos, and they in turn pay you to watch it.

Plus you can invite your friends too.

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How to Signup / Register with

Signing up with is simple and free, just follow these steps below

  1. Click this link to sign up and register. (Make sure to come back and follow this guide because there is a lot of things you will still learn)
  2. (a) Click the three solid lines and (b) click signup (as seen in the image below)
  3. Fill in your details (username, email, password, etc)
  4. Click on signup

How to earn with

Earning with this platform is quite simple, and does not require too much work on how to earn with

How to earn with It’s quite simple, you just have to:

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Watch video and get 0.50 dollar per minute of viewing.

This might seem too small, but here is a breakdown, the cost of one minute of a promotional video is 50 cents.

It’s easy: for 1 hour of work, you can earn 30.00 dollars. If you work at least 3 hours a day, your daily earnings will be 90.00 US Dollars, and in one month it would be 2700 dollars.

Refer others and get 40% of their earning to your account.

This is the best part to it, because you don’t just get a one-time referrer earning from your down line.

Now assuming your down line is earning 2700 dollars, additional 1080 Dollars will be added to your earnings continuously.

At the end of the month, you will be earning way beyond your expectations.

Earn instantly when you sign up (this is for new users only)

Lastly, you can earn 10 dollars when you signup the first time.

Sadly, this last part is a welcome bonus to new members, you can only earn with it once.

How to withdraw earnings from hf-video /Minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal for is $200 dollars, so you should have more than this amount before applying for withdrawal.

There are 6 different ways to withdraw from hf-video which is to:

  1. Your Bank card (ATM CARD)
  2. Bitcoin account
  3. Phone bill
  4. PayPal account
  5. A Bank Account
  6. Western Union

If you want to use Bank Account Withdrawal then click this link (make sure you are logged in already).

Payment is processed from the system within 1 hour during working hours, or within 3-4 hours during non-working hours 【including holidays and weekends】. review / Is Legit or Scam? review: legit or scam?

Hf-video is not legit, tho, I was in a WhatsApp group and two members from different countries were praising review if legit or Scam

But all means to withdraw your money after you might have reach withdrawals threshold will results to a dead end.

And according to some review, hf-video is one of the leading platforms that pay users, for watching videos. But they doesn’t pay, so are not legit

Secondly, is not a paid membership website; it’s free to become a member. So its hard to stock up revenue for members.

Is safe?

Apparently is definitely not safe, I have some doubts about this platform, please don’t use the Bank Card (ATM Card) withdrawal method.

Because exposing your Bank Card details is very risky, it’s not advisable at all, you can use the Bank Account methods for withdrawal.

If you want to use Bank Account Withdrawal then click this link (make sure you are logged in already). Payment proof

There is two payments proof accredited to this platform, but all from South Africa. So this payment cannot be verified.

Apparently i didn’t get direct contact to the beneficiary but I got in contact with the earner relative.

Below are the two payment proof payment proof

Those payment proof above have really determine if legit or scam.

Conclusion on if legit or scam

That is all we can cover for review if legit or scam; if you have read this review then you are among the smart earners on this platform.

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