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Hectic holdup in Mpape after government ease Abuja lockdown

Holdup in Mpape after government
Hectic Holdup in Mpape after government ease Abuja Lockdown | Read time: 1 min 23 sec

After the Government of Nigeria eases lockdown in Abuja, the holdup in Mpape has become worse since its residences are struggling to go out of town for businesses.

The holdup last for hours and stretches from the Area 1 road down to Mopol Barrack Road, and has continued in this same manner for weeks.

Road officials like the Federal Road Safety Corps and The Police are doing their best to keep the holdup in check.

Speaking to a road official he states the causes of the holdup saying that it is caused by every junction from Area 1 road down to Mopol barrack road.

Since residence from Mpape subparts roads like the Ajegunle road, Crush Rock road, Eneje road, Berger Quarry Road, and Katampe road links to this main road it causes holdups at every junction.

Since the vehicles are too much and people are rushing to the neighboring towns, and at every junction, road officials are waving off traffic.

Though much manpower is employed in these junctions to control traffic, it is high time the government provides traffic lights at every junction so that the traffic will be reduced to a minimum level.

Holdup in Mpape after government

I was in a taxi going to Wuse when a man suggested that the only way to beat this holdup is to wake as early as 5 am.

And to my observation, one of the main cause of these holdups are the Okada riders (commercial bike men).

Residence take bikes from Area 1 to Mpape junction just for the sole purpose of beating this traffic, since bikes have more chances of maneuvering through it.

Because of this, bike men drag the main road with cars and buses, blocking them from moving while they ride through open narrow space.

Without a doubt, the ease of lockdown has come as a fresh dew to residence who where lockdown for a month and two weeks.

Another solution to this holdup is to widen the main road into a dual carriageway to contain more vehicles.

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