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Heavy rain stops business activities in Mpape as it fell from 7 in the morning to noon

Heavy rain stops business activities in Mpape | Read time: 1 min 24 sec

Heavy rain stops business activities in Mpape as it fell from 7 in the morning to noon

In the early hour of the day around 7 O’clock in the morning, heavy rain fell in Mpape stopping people from opening shops or going out for work.

Without doubts, the rain is still falling heavily within some parts of Abuja.

The rain has made residence wonder if it was going to be like last season’s seven days rain which fell from morning till night.

“I thought it was going to stop, and then it started again, making me stay back at home” a residence trying to get a taxi to work had said.

“I knew it was going to be like this, so I just lay back in bed” another added.

This will likely be a hard day for people who are staying at the innermost part of Mpape to get a bike that will take them out.

Therefore, some will decide to stay back at home rather than trek to the garage or the main road.

Many had to reschedule their plans no doubt because the day had already come to end.

“I had planned to print my receipts/invoice in UTC (Printing Press in Area 1). But I think I will skip that till tomorrow. Let me use the remaining day for something else” A Thermocool Partner in Chosen Plaza said.

Another residence said: “Work is not possible today, I had called my office and they granted me a day off”


The picture taken for this article was taken around 12 pm when the rain was reduced a little.

After the rain, people could be seen still trying to get to work, one way or the other as Mpape busy road seems scanty this afternoon.

Another worse scenario is that the Mpape Friday Market will not be held because nobody is coming out to buy or sell.

This particular market is supposed to be busy by now with selling and buying goods especially clothes for resale.

And people offering services like conveying bought goods to garage or buyer destination, etc.

Let’s see how the day is going to end because the rain has spoilt things for people, nevertheless, nature had to do its business.

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