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Digistore24.com reviews how to register and earn 50 dollars per hour (Detailed guide).

Digistore24.com review how to earn

Digistore24.com review how to earn $50 per hour.

Hello, I don’t want to make this lengthy, let me show you a website where you can earn 50 dollars per hour.

Here’s a warning, you might want to read this digitstore24.com review on how to earn; word for word, because the digistore24.com website is quite complex and hard to understand, and you might just get lost not knowing how to start, or how to earn on digistore24.com website.

So, you might want to hang on to this detailed guide and review.

Now, without wasting much time and mincing words, let’s dive into the digistore24.com review how to earn.

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Please use the table of content to jump to a different section of this post, eg how to earn with digistore24.com? How to register digistore24.com, etc.

What is this digistore24.com platform/website?

Basically, the digistore24.com platform is an online sales platform that offers you an integrated online store, an affiliate network, all common payment methods, and accounting automation including tax automation,

plus it’s free to signup.

To wrap it all up digistore24.com is an all-in-one digital sales platform & international affiliate network.

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You will also be able to access various offers on digistore24.com marketplace wish you can promote and share to other people.

When they purchase your offer, you will make money, you can promote the same offer, again and again, that’s why the earning potential on this platform is unlimited.

Do I have to pay anything in order to start promoting offers?

If you are wondering this, then the answer is NO.

Signing up for this website is totally free, with no hidden cost. Plus you can choose to get paid, weekly or monthly.

Now again, be sure to not skip this Digistore24.com review how to earn, if not, you might get lost in the process and might not be able to earn anything.

How to register / Sign up for Digistore24.com

Signing up or registering for Digistore24.com platform is quite confusing so you have to follow this Digistore24.com guide.

  1. Click on this link to sign up.
  2. On the page make sure to click affiliate (under the “Sign up As”) if you skip this step you might just be stock in the registration page.
  3. Fill in the form fields with the appropriate details.
  4. The website will automatically generate an affiliate link for you.
  5. Make sure to tick those required boxes
  6. After filing and ticking the boxes click on register for free now
  7. If you have any difficulties please state it in the comment section.

How to view offers for promotion in digistore24.com

After registering the next thing is to earn, please make sure you verify your phone number once you are on the platform.

And like we said, you can easily get lost in this digistore24.com platform, so these are the steps to view offers for promotion, (But before anything you have to sign in into the platform).

  • Click on this link Marketplace offers
  • Or follow these steps
    • Click on marketplace
    • Click on all offers for affiliate

What are the Best Products/offers to promote on Digistore24.com marketplace?

Digistore24.com review how to earn

I will give you two quick tips to filter the best products,

  1. Firstly you have to look at the category of Digital products/offers that you can promote effectively (e.g you can choose Educations, Business and Investments, etc) depending on what you can sell.
  2. Secondly sorts the products/offers by Earnings /sales

What is the Payment Threshold for Digistore24.com

Here are the different payout options in Digistore24.com

  1. On the 07th. of the month a payout of €/$/£/CHF 50 is possible.
  2. 14th. of the month a payout of €/$/£/CHF 200 is possible.
  3. 21st. of the month a payout of €/$/£/CHF 200 is possible.
  4. 28th. of the month a payout of €/$/£/CHF 200 is possible.
  5. International transfers are possible starting from €/$/£/CHF 250.

Digistore24.com payment Methods

Below are the payment methods for Digistore24.com

  1. Paypal
  2. SEPA Bank Transfer
  3. International Bank Transfer

Digistore24.com review / Is Digistore24.com legit or scam?/ Is Digistore24.com Safe?

Yes, Digitstore24.com is safe and legit, it is in fact the biggest affiliate platform in Europe.

You don’t even need a signup fee to earn with Digistore24.com, they are looking for people to help them promote vendor’s products, and you are paid a commission of what someone bought, so how can it be Fake?

In fact, that is why we are writing this digistore24.com review how to earn $50 hourly.

Where to promote offers/Digitstore24.com products?

Next, I want to do is to tell you the methods I used to earn $50 per hour.

This is how I promote offers/products, see guides below

Firstly, you need to visit https://www.reddit.com

Reddit is a network to communities of people where people can dive into their hobbies, interest, and passion.

This is where you should be promoting your link because about 1.6 billion people visit Reddit on average to post different things.

Secondly, search for any topic that suits your digitstore24.com product

For example, if you are promoting products related to ‘Business and Investments’ then you should search for a related topic e.g “How to make money online”

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You will see lists of topics or questions that people have posted and are looking for answers to (There is no best place to post a product related to making money right?)

Thirdly, don’t just dump your link, back it up with convincing write-ups

Dropping your link like that will make it look like spam, so you have to drop a persuasive write-up to back it up.

Examples can be tips to make money with your products, why your products can solve such problems, etc.

I actually made a template for promoting any products on Digistore24.com, just use the green button on the bottom-left side of your screen to contact us on WhatsApp for it, the price is $5. This template will help create engagement on Reddit and any other platform you decide to promote your products.

Conclusion on digistore24.com review how to earn

Thank you for reading digistore24.com review how to earn $50 hourly, please if you have any difficulties registering on digistore24.com, please feel free to leave a comment, let’s help you out. Any contributions and corrections will be highly welcome, just leave a comment section.

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