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Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community

Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community
Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community


Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community | Read Time: 4 min 19 sec

The Mpape Community is one of the major communities and in Abuja and is also largely populated and also runs steady commercial activities.

Therefore Banks open their branches in Mpape and without a doubt get good numbers of customers during their 5 working days of operations

Plazas are also building in Mpape communities to help business owners and enterprises get a good office Address.

You can rent a suite in any of the Plaza and get enough of daily sales if your business line is selling good or rendering services.

Since Mpape is developing by the day, businesses are being established to make profits and earn a good standard of living.

Mpape Community can boast of reducing unemployment rates in the Federal Capital Territory because it gives employment to almost 70% of its inhabitants through businesses that are being established.

Let us not wander off from our main topic, the Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community are four banks and Seven Plazas.

List of Bank Branches and Address in Mpape

These include;

  1. Polaris Bank
  2. Zenith Bank
  3. Ecobank
  4. First Bank

There are listed according to the ascending order (if you are coming into Mpape) So let us look at their Addresss.

Polaris Bank Address in Mpape

Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community

This is the third bank that was introduced to Mpape which without a doubt lifted the stress of doing bank transactions.

Address: No 7, Oceanic Road, Mpape Abuja.

Zenith Bank Address in Mpape

Zenith is the second bank branch that came into existence in Mpape Community, and one cannot deny the benefit of its existent in Mpape.

Address: No 5, Oceanic Road, Mpape, Abuja.

Ecobank Address in Mpape (Relocated)

Ecobank came into existence in Mpape when they took over Oceanic Bank, meaning that Oceanic was the first bank that was in Mpape.

But it has really helped the resident in matters concerning banking transactions etc.

Since it Oceanic was the first bank in Mpape as far back as 2007, it has earned a Landmark name, that Particular Street is called Oceanic Road.

Address: No 1 Ansar Plaza, Oceanic Road, Mpape, Abuja.

First Bank Address in Mpape

First Bank created their branch in Mpape back in 2013, as we know it this is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria.

And since the establishment of this bank branch in Mpape, the Mpape community has suffered lest banking problems like the stress of withdrawing in ATM Machines, etc.

Address: Plot 1126, Eneje Layout, Mpape, Abuja.

List of Plazas and Address in Mpape

These are the list of plazas in the Mpape Community

  1. Berger Quarry Plaza
  2. Mpape Plaza
  3. Crown Plaza
  4. Ansar Plaza
  5. Chosen Plaza
  6. Ibiye Plaza
  7. Aula Plaza

Berger Quarry Plaza

This Plaza is located at Berger Quarry a subpart in Mpape and is among the newly build plazas in Mpape, and as usual, it is full of commercial activities.

You can get a suite to rent there and start up your business without much stress as there is more space on this particular plaza.

The Plaza includes shops like a Barbing Saloon, Fashion Designer, Provision Stores, Laundry, Pharmacy, Photo Studio, etc.

Address: Plot 145, Berger Quarry Road, Mpape, Abuja.

Mpape Plaza

This was the first Plaza in Mpape that is why it is named after it, it is self own with a Bar House on the second floor.

And a provision store on the ground floor, which you can find varieties of provisions of your choice.

Mpape Plaza is the smallest of them all because it is a one-man-business; the owner of this plaza/mall has also employed a considerable number of Mpape Youth.

Address: Though is it located at the far end of Mpape, it helps residence who resides in the far end of Mpape subpart (e.g Mashafa and Arab to get things if they can’t find it in small retailing shops).

The address is Plot 135 Arab Road, Beside Berger Camp, Mpape – Abuja.

Crown Plaza

Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community

Crown Plaza is a new plaza in Mpape Community and also has the most vacant suites, with many commercial activities.

The shops in the Plaza include a Pharmacy store, Music and Photo Studio, Provision Stores, Fashion, etc.

So if you are looking for a suite in a plaza then consider Crown Plaza.

Address: Plot 3, Berger Quarry Road, Opp Palo Plac, Mpape, Abuja.

Ansar Plaza

Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community
Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community

This is one of the oldest Plaza in Mpape with three floors and vacant suites, also has more commercial activities.

Though the ground floors are occupied you can get vacant suites on the second and third floors.

The shops in the Plaza include a Test Lab, Cyber Cafe, Medicine Store, a suite for selling and repairs of laptops, a Provision store, a Hair Salon, a Free TV office, etc.

Address: Plot 1, Oceanic Road, Mpape Abuja.

Chosen Plaza

Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community
Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community

Chosen Plaza also is one of the oldest plazas in Mpape with two floors and commercial activities on its premises.

It has a vacant space on the second floor, so if you are looking for a suite you can also check-in.

The Plaza has a Cyber Cafe, Computer training Institute, Micro-finance Bank, a tailoring shop, a shop that sells chairs, fridges, and generators, etc. It also has a Redeemed Church.

Address: Plot 3, Oceanic Road, Mpape Abuja.

Ibiye Plaza

This also like Ansar Plaza, is one of the oldest Plaza in Mpape Abuja with two floors, it also has a vacant space on the second floor.

It very suitable if you are renting a space for an office because it has many offices like a consultant office, Law Firm, a Crèche school, MTN Office, Micro Finance Bank, etc

The Crèche School in Aula plaza can be considered as one of the best crèche school in Mpape.

Address: Plot 5, Oceanic Road, Mpape – Abuja.

Aula Plaza

Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community

The Plaza was just built recently and has about four floors, with vancant suites on the 2nd to third floors.

It also has more commercial activities in its premise like Car wash and a POS Outlet

It has a Printing Press, vehicle spare parts shop, Cyber Cafe, Micro Finance Bank, etc

Address: Plot 6, Oceanic Road, Mpape – Abuja.


These are the Banks and Plazas in Mpape Community, as listed above all the Plazas have vacant space mostly on the tops floors.

The plazas are filled with shops selling goods and services which therefore drive more commercial activities into their premises.

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